Test Drive your Dream Pram

  Trying to decide on a new pram? No doubt you have narrowed it down to a few favourite prams, especially if you have used our fabulous pram chooser, but I have always found the best way to make that final pram decision is by taking a few of your favourite prams for a test drive. Your pram should be comfortable for you and your partner to push, is the handle a good height, does the size of the pram allow you to walk at a full stride, or if you like to run, is the pram easy and comfortable …

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Feel Fabulous All Year Round

Yes, I strive to feel fabulous every day, and since having 2 children, it hasn’t been easy. I have always felt better in myself when I exercise, whilst I was never born to be skinny, or an athlete by any means, joining a gym helped me get my confidence back, by starting to feel better within myself. I joined a gym when I had my first baby, as a couple of the mums from my mothers group were raving how good it was to do some exercise whilst their babies were being looked after in the kids club, and so …

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Tandem Prams

Tandem prams are perfect for two! Tandem prams are double prams, with one seat in front of the other. Tandem prams are the same width as a single pram, making a tandem pram ideal for getting through small doorways and shopping trips with narrow checkouts. Tandem prams are also great for baby and toddler siblings, with the design of the tandem pram allowing the baby to sleep in the back pram seat, whilst the toddler is in the front pram seat, unable to wake your sleeping baby!! On the other hand, tandem prams can cause friction between siblings if both …

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New Prams

So many new prams to choose from! With many new prams being launched throughout the year and new prams coming to Australia, that have been popular in Europe and USA markets that we haven’t seen before, it’s hard not to get excited! We love new prams, whether it’s new brand of prams or a new addition to a popular pram, or a new and improved version of a fabulous pram. We give you all the scoops and latest updates on new prams, so make sure you keep checking our prams news pages , or let any friends or family members …

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Prams and Strollers

I love prams and strollers. I actually have 2 strollers and a pram, and I’m not alone, it’s actually very common for parents to have many prams and strollers. I have 2 strollers because the first one I bought was for running around the shops, I needed a light stroller for the boot of my car as my pram was quite heavy and not exactly easy to put up and down. My first stroller was a cheapie, it did the trick as it was a handy stroller but quite heavy. When I had my second baby this stroller didn’t lay …

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