Feel Fabulous All Year Round

Yes, I strive to feel fabulous every day, and since having 2 children, it hasn’t been easy. I have always felt better in myself when I exercise, whilst I was never born to be skinny, or an athlete by any means, joining a gym helped me get my confidence back, by starting to feel better within myself.
I joined a gym when I had my first baby, as a couple of the mums from my mothers group were raving how good it was to do some exercise whilst their babies were being looked after in the kids club, and so many of our pram walks were being cancelled because of constant rain. So after being a little hesitant at leaving my precious little baby with strangers, the child care team were amazing, and I haven’t looked back, now many years and 2 children later!
Not only has joining a gym made me feel and look better, but many of my girlfriends and mothers group joined too, so it has been a great social catch up.
Having me time, whilst I knew my children were being cared for, and more importantly a safe place where they could go and have fun, has made me a happier more confident person. I can’t recommend joining a gym enough, as I know how hard and daunting it is to find the time, and more importantly the energy to exercise. But joining a gym like Genesis made it easy, there are great classes to suit everyone, from yoga and pilates to spin and boxing, and the best part is it doesn’t matter what the weather is outside, The gym provided me a haven in winter and summer, even if I only did 20 minutes on the treadmill and half an hour having coffee with a girlfriend whilst the kids were having fun in the Kids Zone, it was always just what I needed.
I will always strive to feel fabulous, but being fitter and feeling good about myself when I exercise gives me more energy, making me a happier person, mummy wife and friend. The benefits of exercise are endless, and it’s finding the perfect balance to suit you and your lifestyle, the gym has been that place for me as a mummy in so many ways. If you want to find your fabulous, its worth having a free trial at your local Genesis Fitness club, book your baby and or kids in, do a class and finish with a peaceful coffee with your girlfriends – heaven!

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