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I was lucky enough to be given the opportunity to try the new Stokke My Carrier Cool, a three-in-one baby carrier, designed to grow with your child. Perfect timing as I have just given birth to a beautiful baby girl! Now that our precious Astrid has arrived, I am keen to get her used to the baby carrier straight away and as a new mother-of-two (i.e. no spare hands anymore including a toddler to tend to), I can already think of how many instances it will be useful in.

The first of two things I notice when I open the box, is one, the colour. Dark cream – what springs to mind is, great….milky baby excess will blend right on in! The second thing…Crap, it comes in three parts and I am going to have to work out how to put this together! Only five minutes later and I have a fully-functioning baby carrier, it was literally just a matter of clicking a few clips and tightening the straps to fit my frame.


First big tick for the Stokke My Carrier Cool.

Now, instead of putting Astrid straight in the carrier, I decided to do a test run with one of Evie’s dolls, just in case. I had no problems, it actually was as easy as the pictures! I am also pleasantly surprised that there is a harness inside the carrier to further support bubs and a nice secure headrest.

With Astrid settled in the carrier, I find myself with two spare hands and the mobility to move around freely. I embrace this freedom by sweeping the floors and tidying up the kitchen!

I find myself needing to go to the supermarket most days, but sometimes I am literally in and out in 10 minutes and getting the double pram out the car for such a short time is hardly worth it. I pop Astrid in the carrier, use one hand to hold Evie’s hand, and use my other hand to carry my milk and bread. I find this really convenient and much less hard work.

I am yet to try breastfeeding with Astrid in the carrier, but I am confident that I would be able to do it quite easily.

stokke3Overall, I was happy with the functionality and comfort of the Stokke My Carrier Cool. The harness is supportive for your back and I always felt that Astrid was secure and safe. Having spare hands has enabled me to do things around the house and has made quick trips to the shop much less of a logistical nightmare. Obviously not every situation calls for a baby carrier and everyone has different priorities for what they want in a carrier but I can honestly say that for me, the Stokke My Carrier Cool ticked all my boxes and has enabled me with additional freedom since I began using it.

Stokke MyCarrier Cool










By Leah Mulcaire, Stylish Mumma

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