New Prams

So many new prams to choose from! With many new prams being launched throughout the year and new prams coming to Australia, that have been popular in Europe and USA markets that we haven’t seen before, it’s hard not to get excited!

We love new prams, whether it’s new brand of prams or a new addition to a popular pram, or a new and improved version of a fabulous pram.

We give you all the scoops and latest updates on new prams, so make sure you keep checking our prams news pages , or let any friends or family members know about our brilliant if they are looking for a new pram.

New prams tend to have the latest pram technology, design and innovation, just when our team at think a new pram can’t get any better, we get blown out of the water with a fabulous new pram being lighter, easier to move, more bells and whistles, cool new colours and gadgets.

So even if you’re not needing a new pram, sometimes if you’re anything like us it’s fun to know what new prams are coming out and what makes these great new prams so special.

Our top 5 New Prams:

  1. Baby Zen Pram
  2. Jane Rider Pram
  3. Outlook Sleep Pod Pram Accessory
  4. Bugaboo Neon Pop
  5. Valco Zee Two & Valco Rebel Q Sport

Hope you find a new pram to love and adore!

Claudia – Editor


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