Wow – Choosing the ultimate pram to win!

It’s not easy choosing when there are 4 fabulous prams, all top of the range and super stylish. So to make it a little easier we have listed each pram’s stand out features. Stokke Scoot The new Stokke Scoot is the latest in pram design and innovation that makes life easier for parents all round the world. The Stokke Scoot is a super lightweight stroller,that can be operated fully with one hand. Stokke understands that parents have to multi task, usually with a baby or toddler in one hand, trying to do everything with the other, including fold down a …

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Prams in Hot Weather

A pram is a great place to keep baby safe and out of the sun, especially with a shade cloth. In our extreme heat during an Australian summer, a pram can also be hot box for your baby. If your pram is not well ventilated, your baby or child could easily over heat. Make sure you keep your pram if your baby or child is in it, out of the sun, especially during the hottest parts of the day. If you use a shade cloth, make sure it is something that is well ventilated to keep your baby protected but …

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Prams for the Beach

Do you need a great pram to take to the beach? A great beach pram, needs to be able to be wheeled through the sand, be able to provide shade, comfort and ventilation for your baby, as well as being able to carry and store a whole load of baby and beach products! Beach Pram – Must Haves Big, lockable wheels for getting through the sand Shade hood Ventilation 5 point safety harness Large carry/storage basket Top 5 Beach Prams Mountain Buggy Urban Jungle $679 Phil & Teds Explorer $599 Baby Joger City Elite $779 Valco Matrix $449 Adventure Buggy …

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Travel Prams

Setting off for the holidays and taking a pram? Whether you are flying, driving or taking a train, a pram needs to be designed for travel. The ideal travel pram should be light, easy to fold, easy to carry, sturdy and easy to manouver during your travels. Our super mummy pram team have put together our favourite prams for travel that meet all of the important travel pram criteria – for easier travel without tears! Top 5 Travel Prams 1. BabyZen Yoyo Stroller $599 2. Love N Care Capella Compact Stroller $299.99 3. Maclaren Globetrotter Stroller $249.95 4. Quicksmart Easy …

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Double Pram for a Newborn & Toddler

The best double prams for a newborn and a toddler are ones that comfortably, and more importantly safely, seat a tiny baby and a child. Double prams vary in size and weight, and a double pram can be side by side or tandem. A double pram for a newborn and toddler should have a safe place for a small baby to lay back and sleep and be secure, and the pram also needs to have a second seat with a harness, where a toddler can travel safely, and also rest and sleep if need be. Choosing the best double pram …

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