Prams in Hot Weather

A pram is a great place to keep baby safe and out of the sun, especially with a shade cloth.

In our extreme heat during an Australian summer, a pram can also be hot box for your baby. If your pram is not well ventilated, your baby or child could easily over heat.

Make sure you keep your pram if your baby or child is in it, out of the sun, especially during the hottest parts of the day.

If you use a shade cloth, make sure it is something that is well ventilated to keep your baby protected but with good air flow. Thick blankets and synthetic fabrics are not recommended as shade cloths for a pram.

Always try to put your pram with a baby or child in it, in the shade. Where possible, a pram should not be used as a shade cloth during extreme hot weather.

Dress your baby and child in light minimal clothing, so that their skin can breathe, try not to wrap or cover your child when it is hot, it is safer for your child to be cool than too hot.

Enjoy the summer with your baby, children and your pram, but where possible stay safe and out of the hot sun.

We love Outlook Shade A Babe it has UPF50+ protection and excellent ventilation $49.95 for all pram types.

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