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Trying to decide on a new pram? No doubt you have narrowed it down to a few favourite prams, especially if you have used our fabulous pram chooser, but I have always found the best way to make that final pram decision is by taking a few of your favourite prams for a test drive.

Your pram should be comfortable for you and your partner to push, is the handle a good height, does the size of the pram allow you to walk at a full stride, or if you like to run, is the pram easy and comfortable to run with?

Next you should fold the pram, is it easy for you to fold down and up, will it fit in the boot of your car? How does the pram handle, for example if you will be walking a lot with your pram, how comfortable will it be for you and your baby, you will need to look at suspension, maneuverability and size of wheels.

When I bought my first pram, I only tested it by walking round the store (or I should say waddled with my big belly!), I didn’t fold it or lift it. Needles to say I fell in love with the style and look of the pram and not the practicality! On my first outing out with my baby, I managed to unfold my new pram out of the boot with quite a bit of difficulty realizing how heavy it was, only to get back to my car and not be able to get it folded down. Several phone calls later, and many tears from my newborn, and me, my husband arrived to fold the pram into the boot of the car. This pram became my walking pram, as it was far too heavy and cumbersome to get in and out of the car, I then purchased a nifty lightweight stroller that is perfect for easy and quick folding and whizzing round the shops.

The brilliant Pram Trial Track at the Sydney Baby & Toddler Show is the perfect place to try out the leading prams and strollers. Try out your top prams on all sorts of surfaces, see how they feel, how they move and best of all fold them down and see how they fit in the boot of a car – you can try it all at this amazing Pram Trial Track. www.prams.com.au/news/prams-guide-proud-sponsers-of-the-baby-toddler-show/

Top 3 prams, The Stokke Xplory, BabyZen and a Maclaren stroller are all available for trial and to win at the Pram Trial Track.

These 3 super prams are so popular because they do so well in the test drive – I’m talking about – comfort / folding and lightweight / maneuverability.

Stokke Xplory http://www.prams.com.au/prams/xplory/ is the stroller that grows with you and your child. The Stokke Xplory stroller’s raised seat and adaptable footrest ensures safety and ease of movement no matter how tall or small your child is, the Stokke Xplory enables comfortable and secure movement. Adjust the footrest downwards as your baby’s legs get longer and alter the seat depth with the padded seat insert to ensure your baby is always sitting comfortably. The Stokke Xplory has large rear wheels and sporty, easy-swivel front wheels. The lack of a crossbar between the wheels leaves plenty of space for stretching your legs while walking.

BabyZen http://www.prams.com.au/prams/babyzen/ has a fabulous compact and easy one handed folding system, and the BabyZen pram is packed with lots of extra features, including a solar light for those late night strolls. BabyZen is not only leading the way in style and design but becoming very popular due to its one handed folding mechanism, multi-direction wheeling, ultra slim size when folded and a 3 seat recline position – ticking all the right boxes when making your pram decisions.

Maclaren Stroller http://www.prams.com.au/prams/quest-sport-stroller/ is the super compact lightweight stroller that is famous the world over for its easy to fold with one hand action. The Maclaren stroller has a carry handle and has ergonomic foam grip handles. The Maclaren stroller has lockable, treaded 5 inch dual-swivel wheels for greater control and easier strolling, and an extendable leg rest so it can grow with your child.  The Maclaren stroller  “Hockey Stick” foam handles are ergonomically optimised to minimise strain and the foot-operated parking brakes on are linked for safety and convenience.

Happy Pram Shopping and Test Driving your dream pram!



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  1. thanks for this blog!!
    it really helpfull to me for selecting a right stroller!!!!!

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