Tandem Prams

Tandem prams are perfect for two! Tandem prams are double prams, with one seat in front of the other. Tandem prams are the same width as a single pram, making a tandem pram ideal for getting through small doorways and shopping trips with narrow checkouts. Tandem prams are also great for baby and toddler siblings, with the design of the tandem pram allowing the baby to sleep in the back pram seat, whilst the toddler is in the front pram seat, unable to wake your sleeping baby!! On the other hand, tandem prams can cause friction between siblings if both want to sit in the front or back, I know with my children whatever one wanted to do, so did the other, just on principal!

Tandem prams give parents of twins and siblings, a double pram option of how they would like their children to be seated, as well as ease of maneuverability and lifestyle. Many parents choose tandem prams because a wide twin pram doesn’t appeal, with being able to nip about the shops and around town with tandem pram ease, a wide twin pram that may get stuck in doorways and is hard to navigate, is not the double pram of choice for some.

If you are deciding on a tandem pram, you need to make sure you are happy with which way you would like your children sit, side by side in a twin pram, or one child in front of another in the tandem pram style you have chosen. After you have decided this, then it’s a good idea to test out a few tandem prams, as they all vary in size, style and maneuverability.

I chose a tandem style pram for my children, and it worked extremely well when my youngest was a baby. The tandem pram allowed her to sleep soundly in the back whilst my son was kept busy in the front. When my little girl was a toddler, she would happily sit in the front of the tandem pram, whilst my son had a nice big boy rest in the back on the way home from kindergarten. When they got a little older though, we did have many tantrums on who would sit in which seat in the tandem pram, but at this stage it was getting hard to keep them in a pram at all! So with a few food bribes here and there, and trying very hard to teach them to take turns (not easy) the tandem pram was a great choice for me and the family.

My top 5 Tandem Prams:

  1. ABC Design Zoom Twin Tandem Pram $1295
  2. Childcare Two Up Tandem $299.95
  3. Peg Perego Twin Stroller Duet $1399
  4. I Candy Peach Blossom $1399
  5. Steelcraft Strider Plus Toddler Seat $699

Claudia – Editor

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