Strollers are different to prams – I love my stroller and my pram equally, as they both do completely different jobs. Strollers are lightweight prams that are easy to manouver and fold. Strollers can also be called buggies, pushchairs and umbrella prams. My stroller is always with me, in the car, when I travel, basically wherever I go, my stroller comes too – well that’s anywhere with my children! I love my stroller because it’s quick and easy for shopping. I whip out the stroller with one hand, flick it open, and strap in the kids, my stroller is small …

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Pram Covers for Winter

Get your pram ready for the cold! Prams in winter, need pram covers of all sorts, rain covers, pram blankets, pram foot muffs, pram cocoons, any sort of pram cover to protect your babies and children in their pram from the elements of winter. Heated pram handles would be nice for mummy too! My pram and I have battled many a rainy, winters day, and lucky for me my pram has a fantastic thick rain pram cover, that not only protects my children and pram from the rain, but the icy winds too. If only I could of crawled in …

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Put the brakes on!

My pram wheeled away before my eyes with my baby niece in it that I was meant to be taking care of!! Prams can gather speed on a tiny hill, and before you know it your pram with your baby or child in it, are in terrible danger – I say this from experience, I’m not proud of it, I am actually very lucky that I have been able to quickly catch my pram before it has wheeled itself into trouble. My latest pram wheeling off was due to me chatting (I love to chat!) with a neighbour, leaving my …

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Prams made for walking

I love walking with my pram, whether it’s going for a stroll to clear my head or get my babies to sleep, I much prefer pushing my pram than walking alone. I do have a couple of prams, my stroller stays in the boot of the car as its great for whipping around the shops, but too bumpy and flimsy for long walks on uneven footpaths and roads. My big three wheeler pram is perfect for walking as it has nice big wheels and a great suspension, making it a dream to push and a comfy ride for bubs. I …

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Prams for the whole family!

When I bought my first pram, I was planning to have 2 children, so I chose a pram that I could add a toddler seat – yes my OCD was present even when I went pram shopping! So whether you are expecting twins, or adding to your brood, you may be looking at double pram and toddler seat options. Your first pram choice is deciding on a side by side pram, or tandem prams. I loved my tandem pram for when I had a sleeping baby, my toddler could be strapped into his seat at the front of the pram …

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