Prams for the whole family!

When I bought my first pram, I was planning to have 2 children, so I chose a pram that I could add a toddler seat – yes my OCD was present even when I went pram shopping! So whether you are expecting twins, or adding to your brood, you may be looking at double pram and toddler seat options.

Your first pram choice is deciding on a side by side pram, or tandem prams. I loved my tandem pram for when I had a sleeping baby, my toddler could be strapped into his seat at the front of the pram and couldn’t turn around and wake and poke the baby. A side by side pram allows siblings to play, but also to wake, pinch, fight…. you get the picture.

When my terrors got a bit older, I found a skateboard at the back of the stroller to be great, for a while anyway until they both wanted to ride it and not sit in the pram at all!

There are many pram options to look at, from double strollers to sporty tandem 3 wheelers, the main pram decision you should look at, is keeping you and your children happy and safe whilst being able to get around with ease. Check out our fantastic pram chooser to help make deciding a little easier.

Claudia – Editor


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