Put the brakes on!

My pram wheeled away before my eyes with my baby niece in it that I was meant to be taking care of!! Prams can gather speed on a tiny hill, and before you know it your pram with your baby or child in it, are in terrible danger – I say this from experience, I’m not proud of it, I am actually very lucky that I have been able to quickly catch my pram before it has wheeled itself into trouble.

My latest pram wheeling off was due to me chatting (I love to chat!) with a neighbour, leaving my daughter in charge of pushing the pram right next to me, I stupidly didn’t put the brake on, and although my pram with my baby niece in it and my daughter were right next to me, my pram started to roll slowly away.

It was seconds, and I grabbed hold of the pram before it gathered up speed, but it made me realise how quickly a pram could roll away, maybe onto a road and in front of a car, not to mention the miracles we have seen with prams being saved from the path of a high speed train.

So speaking from experience, make putting your pram brake on a constant habit, no matter what you are doing, reaching for your phone, paying for something…it only takes a couple of seconds for a pram to wheel to danger.

Has your pram wheeled away from you?

Claudia – Editor

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