Strollers are different to prams – I love my stroller and my pram equally, as they both do completely different jobs. Strollers are lightweight prams that are easy to manouver and fold. Strollers can also be called buggies, pushchairs and umbrella prams.

My stroller is always with me, in the car, when I travel, basically wherever I go, my stroller comes too – well that’s anywhere with my children! I love my stroller because it’s quick and easy for shopping. I whip out the stroller with one hand, flick it open, and strap in the kids, my stroller is small and light, so it whips round the shops and supermarket like a speedy racecar! Strollers are great for busy places, schools, concerts and outings as you keep children safe and secure in a stroller whilst being able to negotiate crowds and stairs with ease.

Strollers are great for travel, whether it’s on the bus, train or plane, a stroller can quickly be folded up and down, and a stroller is light to carry. A stroller doesn’t take up much room, it weighs hardly anything, making a stroller a happy travel companion for everyone – especially airline staff, bus drivers, and fellow train passengers!

If you’re buying a stroller, it’s a great idea to test drive a number of stroller brands, there are so many strollers to choose from. Try the weight of the stroller, make sure it’s easy and quick to open and close, light and nifty to manouver, and good quality all over to last (I went through a few cheap strollers, then invested in a fabulous well known brand stroller that has lasted me through 2 children, many planes, many cars, many stroller journeys!)

What I love about my stroller

  • It’s super light.
  • I can open and close it with one hand.
  • Folds up neat and compact – great for small boots and storing behind doors.
  • Washable fabric – easy to clean.
  • 5-point harness to keep my babies safe and secure.
  • Foot operated brakes.
  • Sun & Water proof hood.
  • It lies back so my children could sleep.
  • Great little wheels that never locked or got stuck, making it superb to manouver.
  • Nice comfy tall handles making it a dream for all to push.

Do you have a stroller and a pram?

Claudia – Editor

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