Chocolate Stains – Pram cleaning tips

If your pram is starting to not look like it’s beautiful pram self, dried up bits of banana and yogurt on the pram straps, vegemite and cheese encrusted on to the pram seat, not to mention bits of rusk and sandwich squashed into every little pram nook and cranny – you’re not alone. My beautiful pram needed a daily spin in a hard core car wash, once my babies started eating food – when my mum refused to push my ‘revolting’ pram because it was so grubby, I knew it was time to take action. Usually know for my OCD …

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Holiday Prams – Hotels for Babies!

Prams on holidays, not only transport your little ones, but your pram can be a 5 star hotel pram for your baby – somewhere clean and comfy to sleep, eat and play! Prams that are great for traveling should be a like a resort for your baby. Plan your pram round your holiday – a camping pram can be somewhere your baby can safely sleep and eat, that’s off the ground and has sturdy wheels and frame for rough terrain. A sightseeing city pram should be lightweight and easy to manouvre whilst transporting your baby in a comfy and secure …

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Prams on Planes

Flying with prams designed for easy travelling can be done! My Maclaren stroller is the perfect example, it’s been my saviour, my best pram investment ever! Long airport waits, over tired cranky babies and toddlers, can make travelling hell – that’s why you need a pram angel! My heavenly pram is the Maclaren stroller, it lays back perfectly for sleeping, it’s the lightest pram ever, opens and closes with the flick of one hand, and is perfect for running though terminals whilst keeping my babies safe. Prams that are perfect for travelling, need to be lightweight and easy to manouver, …

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How to avoid “pram envy”

My friend Emma suffers an almost debilitating pram envy. She “inherited” her pram from her sister-in-law who decided that she wanted to upgrade to a more celeb-approved model (the sister-in-law’s bought the iCandy Apple Jogger because she heard Victoria Beckham has one). Emma was pregnant at the time and hadn’t thought much about prams beyond their functionality so she bought the pre-loved pram. Now she realises that prams are more than just a comfy baby carriage on wheels. “I thought all prams were the same except for the price tag – and I saw a chance to get avoid buying …

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Pimp your bub’s ride

You’ve gone through the confusion and chaos of choosing a set of wheels to carry your bub safely and in a manner to which they should become accustomed. But your job is far from over. Now it’s time to super-size… Like scarves and belts for your favourite outfit (or so HE can understand, tinted windows and cool roof racks on the car) accessories are much more than optional extras – they can be vital for the comfort and easy passage for all. Plus accessory shopping is always the most fun because the pressure’s off, and the big ticket item is …

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