Chocolate Stains – Pram cleaning tips

If your pram is starting to not look like it’s beautiful pram self, dried up bits of banana and yogurt on the pram straps, vegemite and cheese encrusted on to the pram seat, not to mention bits of rusk and sandwich squashed into every little pram nook and cranny – you’re not alone. My beautiful pram needed a daily spin in a hard core car wash, once my babies started eating food – when my mum refused to push my ‘revolting’ pram because it was so grubby, I knew it was time to take action. Usually know for my OCD cleaning habits, my pram overwhelmed me, but after a few ring arounds to trusted girlfriend mummies – it was time to set up a pram wash OUTSIDE.

  • Choose a sunny day and wash pram in the morning so it has time to dry.
  • Use dishwashing liquid and warm water with a scourer to scrub pram.
  • Avoid harsh chemical cleaners as these may fade your prams fabric.
  • Wipe pram clean with a wet cloth dipped in warm water to rinse any soapy residue.

Then enjoy looking at your beautiful, clean, sparkling pram for a moment before your little one turns your perfect pram into their little food grotto all over again!!

Happy Easter to you all – enjoy cleaning all that lovely melted chocolate!

Claudia – Editor

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