Prams on Planes

Flying with prams designed for easy travelling can be done! My Maclaren stroller is the perfect example, it’s been my saviour, my best pram investment ever! Long airport waits, over tired cranky babies and toddlers, can make travelling hell – that’s why you need a pram angel! My heavenly pram is the Maclaren stroller, it lays back perfectly for sleeping, it’s the lightest pram ever, opens and closes with the flick of one hand, and is perfect for running though terminals whilst keeping my babies safe.

Prams that are perfect for travelling, need to be lightweight and easy to manouver, I’ve always been able to keep my stroller after check in, allowing my children to sleep during long waits and delays, an airline attendant takes my stroller when we reach the plane door, and it has always been there to meet me at my destination. Travelling with my children has been stressful over the years, let alone a whining husband moaning at how much luggage I have packed, cost of airport parking etc. Invest in a fabulous stroller that makes you smile on holidays even if nothing else does!

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