Pram Covers for Winter

Get your pram ready for the cold! Prams in winter, need pram covers of all sorts, rain covers, pram blankets, pram foot muffs, pram cocoons, any sort of pram cover to protect your babies and children in their pram from the elements of winter. Heated pram handles would be nice for mummy too!

My pram and I have battled many a rainy, winters day, and lucky for me my pram has a fantastic thick rain pram cover, that not only protects my children and pram from the rain, but the icy winds too. If only I could of crawled in to the nice snug pram with my babies some Melbourne mornings, when the wind had blown my umbrella inside out, my nose and toes frozen, and inside my pram, babies with warm pink cheeks smiling back at me, warmed my heart, but not my toes!!!


If you’re pram shopping, or need to update your pram for winter, consider buying the extra pram accessories, like rain covers and sun covers and even the pram foot muffs and cocoons, as these have been essential items with my pram, especially if you live in a cold state. Some prams include these accessories, and with some prams you have the option of purchasing the rain covers and pram foot muffs and cocoons from other brands, that will still fit your pram nicely even if isn’t the same pram brand.

Once your sorted with your pram covers, I found it handy to stock my pram with warm wooly, gloves, hats and blankets, for the kids and me! If you walk your pram to the park in winter, I also recommend packing a towel in your pram – this is really handy to wipe down swings and slides, so you don’t end up with soaking bums and freezing kids!

Winter walks with my kids in the pram are one of my favourite things to do, we collect all the beautiful autumn leaves, and jump in puddles (the kids not me!) and with a pram loaded with all the right stuff, it’s a perfect winter treat!

… heated pram handles would definitely be nice!

Do you have a snuggly winter pram cover?

Claudia- Editor

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