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I love prams and strollers. I actually have 2 strollers and a pram, and I’m not alone, it’s actually very common for parents to have many prams and strollers. I have 2 strollers because the first one I bought was for running around the shops, I needed a light stroller for the boot of my car as my pram was quite heavy and not exactly easy to put up and down. My first stroller was a cheapie, it did the trick as it was a handy stroller but quite heavy. When I had my second baby this stroller didn’t lay back and the stroller wasn’t as light and easy to use when I had a baby in one hand a toddler in the other and bags of shopping etc. So I invested in a fabulous lightweight 2nd stroller that I could flip open and closed with one hand. My pram of course was still used all the time, it’s just I found my pram and my stroller had very different uses. My pram was perfect for walking and could seat both my children with a toddler seat, whereas my stroller was handy for whizzing round the shops, if I had both children I would either have my toddler in the stroller if he was tired and my baby in the carrier, or baby in the stroller and my toddler running beside me. I found it very handy to have a stroller and a pram for my two children and I still use both strollers and my pram to this day.

Many parents buy several prams and strollers over the years, and this is due to lots of different reasons. When buying a pram or stroller for your first baby you fall in love with a certain one and make that pram or stroller purchase before your baby is born. Several weeks or months after your baby is born, and you have been out and about with your baby and your pram or stroller, you may realize that the pram or stroller you chose isn’t as easy as you thought. You may struggle to get the pram in and out of your car, or you actually would like a pram with suspension for walking, or a lighter small stroller to keep in the car for out and about…… These reasons and many more are why the second pram or stroller is purchased. Then when a second or third, fourth or fifth child comes along, you may need a whole new pram to cater for more children, or a new pram or stroller because your first is worn out.

These are some of the things you should consider before making a big purchase on a pram or stroller if you plan on having one – a pram and stroller that is, not children! Enjoy your pram and stroller shopping whether it’s for your first, or maybe second or third……

And don’t forget our fabulous pram chooser that will help you find your perfect pram or stroller.

Have fun!

Claudia – Editor

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  1. ryan says:

    I think most Mums end up with more than one pram. A bigger pram is beautiful for a new babe and shows off there new bunny rugs and covers, but not convenient for travel so along comes the buggy with easyfold and light weight for car boot or public transpot. Should a second child come along in close proximity the scenario changes again and a twin or 2 up is the choice with layback for new babe and sit up for toddler otherwise you remain housebound for some time. Make sure your pram is easy to manouvre with 2 and there are many choices but mine is Maclaren

  2. Some good points here, had great time reading this. Thanks.

  3. Excellent blog information.Thanks for share brilliant info……:-)

  4. I really Love Pram Stroller blog!!

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