Bugaboo…Andy Warhole launch and new Buffalo!

It’s not often you get the chance to head over to Amsterdam and when Prams Guide was invited by Bugaboo to join them…of course we said Yes!

Bugaboo Store opening in Amsterdam
I have just landed back in Melbourne and couldn’t wait to give you all the details of my jam packed Bugaboo whirlwind trip…did I mention 56 hours of flying! The exciting launch of the incredible new collaboration with Andy Warhol, the Bugaboo Concept Store official opening, and a test drive of the all new and soon to be released Bugaboo Buffalo (in the snow!!) You name it Bugaboo made sure we did it…. including pancakes amongst the windmills and a canal cruise showing the best of Amsterdam!

Prams Guide trip to Amsterdam
The team at Bugaboo provided the most interesting and in-depth look into the world of Bugaboo behind the scenes which most people would never get to see…I now have a new appreciation of just how much research, innovation, design and dedication that goes into producing a pram…it literally takes years and a huge team effort from engineers, designers, production, marketing and sales to deliver you the quality product that you now have come to expect from Bugaboo.

I know all you want is details so I want to share my personal take on my trip so here goes…. landed in Amsterdam excited and sleep deprived, was given a day to get my bearings and discover the beautiful city of Amsterdam (slightly dazed). Headed straight to the Bugaboo office and was greeted by the fabulous Bugaboo team where each department gave us their story.

I can’t tell you how excited I was to be one of the very first to view the new Andy Warhol collection that will be available for the Bugaboo Bee, Cameleon and Donkey.



The first Andy Warhol collection is due for release in May 2013, includes two fabrics – ‘Flowers’ and ‘Cars’ – and the most divine parasol. There will be more releases for each season but these initial releases are available for the following prams:

Bugaboo Bee + Andy Warhol tailored fabric FLOWERS and CARS
Bugaboo Cameleon³ + Andy Warhol tailored fabric FLOWERS and CARS
Bugaboo Donkey + Andy Warhol tailored fabric FLOWERS and CARS
Bugaboo + Andy Warhol parasol FLOWERS (this works for the Bee, Cameleon or Donkey)

The Flowers and Cars Collections include a tailored fabric set for the Bugaboo Cameleon3 ($289.00) and the Bugaboo Donkey ($289.00). The Bugaboo Sun Canopy will be available for the Bugaboo Bee ($189.00) and the Bugaboo Donkey ($189.00). The Flowers parasol retails at $99.95. Both collections will be available in-store from May 2013. For a retailer near you, please visit bugaboo.com/retail-locator. More exciting is…. every set comes with a painting of the flowers or cars to keep forever! (Cars is my personal favourite)

In other Bugaboo news, I am sure you are all waiting on, is the new Bugaboo Buffalo… I had the pleasure of taking it out for a test drive through the cobble stoned streets of Amsterdam whilst snowing and I didn’t even notice the cobble stones! My fake baby if real, would never have blinked an eye when going up and down the curbs and over the many corrugations of the cobbled streets…yes fake baby was 5kg to make it feel so very real (see photos of me pushing it in Central Park Amsterdam).

The ride was so smooth, I managed to steer the Bugaboo Buffalo holding a coffee in one hand and pushing with the other! You see there is no suspension with the Buffalo as the tyres are foam filled and offer a ride so smooth that suspension would make the pram handle conditions in reverse and add a bumpier ride.

The extendable hood makes baby very safe from the elements which would work perfectly in Australia’s extreme weather conditions – summer and winter.  The all-terrain Bugaboo Buffalo, has a huge accessible underseat basket that can store whatever you need, the high positioned seat is larger than other Bugaboo prams and caters to taller and larger children which will excite many. I’m not the tallest person in the world but my husband is and the Bugaboo Buffalo makes walking behind the stroller more comfortable, allowing more space for taller parents to strides without kicking the back of the pram.

I can’t wait for the Bugaboo Buffalo to launch in Australia and again the wait is not too long as we are one of the first countries to get this fabulous pram. Stay tuned for official date.

Any questions you have please leave comments below in the blog and I will be happy to answer.

Rachael x

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