Tyre-kicking dads

Can’t get “dad” excited about any of the baby stuff shopping? Well, the pram may be the one item that actually gets him actively involved in the selection process ­– provided you use the right language.

That’s the beauty of prams today – they share terminology with that other popular male fascination, the car. So drop terms like “suspension”, “pneumatic tyres” and “off-road performance” and he should be hooked.

And if that doesn’t work, just subtly hint to him that his lack of involvement could end up with him pushing a low-handled pram with a flowery canopy.

Once he’s agreed to come along and road-test a few prams, get him to hit prams.com.au and do his homework (he’ll love using our pram choosing tool [http://www.prams.com.au/chooser/]). Here is his pre-expedition preparation:

• you’ve already seduced him with sexy car terms, now get him to swot up on what he thinks are pram essentials (e.g extendable handle, a pram he can jog with).

• ask him what he hopes to use the pram for.

• talk to him about the different styles.

• tell him you’ll expect him to road-test different prams and practice one-handed collapsing and expanding of the unit.

Here are some of the prams and strollers we’re loving for dad:

• iCandy apple jogger {[http://www.prams.com.au/prams/apple-jogger/]

• Phil & Ted’s explorer [http://www.prams.com.au/prams/explorer/]\

• Mountain Buggy Swift Stroller [http://www.prams.com.au/prams/swift/]

• Quinny Zapp [http://www.prams.com.au/prams/zap-stroller/]

• The Joolz Day Pram [http://www.prams.com.au/prams/day-pram/]



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