The Royal Wheels

Prams Guide Will and Kate royal baby


There’s just as much anticipation on what the new Prince’s new ride will be as to what he will be named.

Pram companies will be foaming at the mouth in hope that their stroller will be the chosen one – as we all know the Bugaboo became an instant ‘It’ pram when baby Brady was wheeled around New York in Manolo Blahniks in ‘Sex In The City’. The Bugaboo only grew to become more of an icon with the likes of Rachael Zoe and Sienna Miller making it their pram of choice.

Without a doubt, once Kate & Will wheel out the new Royal Prince in their pram of choice, it will be an instant sell out all over the world.

We have seen this pram trend grow over the past decade, with many parents spending most of their budget on a pram. Women across the world not only want to make a statement with their pram, but it’s also a sense of ‘keeping up with the Jones’ scenario – whatever the cost. This has been proven time and time again, across the globe with women choosing the style and look of a pram over the functionality and practicality.

Pram companies use any opportunity to show the world their pram is a celebrity pram of choice, paying top dollar for paparazzi pictures to prove it. It’s also public knowledge that many pram companies ‘gift’ expecting stylish celebrities with their prams in hope that they will use it – this pram endorsement is worth millions.

Apparently Kim Kardashian’s pram of choice is the Orbit Baby Stroller with Orbit making a special one just for Kim all in black, as yet no baby photos have proven this.

So what pram do you think be the new Royal ride? Will Kate and William stick to tradition with a Silver Cross Balmoral as all the Royal babies before, or will they choose more stylish modern wheels? The countdown begins….

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