Facing the world or mum?

Should your baby face you when you head out for a walk, or the big wide world? It’s a question that not only mothers have asked themselves – it was recently the subject of scientific research.

In what seems to be an exercise in inspiring more guilt in mums, a study suggested that the popular front-facing strollers could  “emotionally deprive” babies of their first lessons in life by discouraging their parents from talking to them.

This University of Dundee study of 2722 sets of parents and their baby in a pram went on to say that infants facing forwards were less likely to be sleeping, laughing or interacting with their parents.

The report concluded: “If it can be confirmed, in future research, that ‘turning the buggies around’ makes a different to child development, then the manufacturing of ’emotionally healthy’ baby buggies could be an easy, affordable, and achievable means of facilitating long-term mental and physical health.

Hmmmm… Surely there are times in your child’s life for looking at you, and times when the world would be more appealing? For example, a little baby might get comfort from seeing mum’s face while a two-year-old would get a bigger kick out of looking for puppies.

Looks like a good reason to get a second set of wheels or one of those prams with reversible carriages or handles

Our pram chooser tool  can help you find a pram with a reversible seating in the style and price range that suits you. Here are some of our faves:

  1. The ABC Design 3-Tec
  2. Hauck Pluto 11
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  4. Silver Cross Surf

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