Double Prams – Tandem or Side-by-Side Prams?

Double Pram Dilemna – One child can keep your hands full, so what do you do when you have two? Double prams was the answer I was looking for, but would you believe I first tried to manage two prams at once, not being able to go anywhere without a friend pushing the second pram. Thankfully, I discovered double prams before I went crazy.

Double Pram Option 1 – Side by Side Prams
Together with my side-by-side double pram, I have toured the mall, enjoyed nature trails and navigated neighbourhood sidewalks. My children loved being side by side in their double pram, they entertained each other, as well as annoyed each other, yes double pram equals double trouble. The side by side double pram is great because both children can see where they are going in the double pram, they are both open to the elements and everything around them which helps them stay entertained in the double pram. The width of the side by side double pram can make navigation difficult at times, squeezing around shops and busy places can be hard, but both children like being next to each other.

I like the way my side-by-side double pram can easily recline to help make my children comfortable, but when one child is sleeping, a side by side double pram means the other child can wake the sleeping baby or child. Of course, I personally prefer the side-by-side double pram. Other people choose tandem-style double prams for good reasons of their own.

Double Prams Option 2 – Tandem Prams

Going through narrow doorways or walking along narrow sidewalks with my side by side double pram can sometimes become difficult when taking my children on an outing. When this happens, I shoot an envious stare at moms who have tandem double prams that can easily fit through tight spaces. Tandem double prams have the children ride one in the front of the other, so the width stays about the same as a single pram. Most of the time with a tandem double pram, the younger of the two would go up front so the older can have a good view. Parents can easily steer tandem double prams, something that is difficult for people like me who have chosen the wider, harder to steer side-by-side double pram models.

Tandem double prams tend to help with the pinching, poking and fighting between children. In my side-by-side double pram, I’m constantly trying to stop my two from waking, poking or slapping each other. The tandem double pram arrangement makes reaching for each other difficult, so busy moms can have more peace while taking their children around town. That is until the children start fighting over who goes in the front seat of the tandem double pram!

Do you have a preference for which double pram you use?

Claudia – Editor

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