Doll Pram

I love a doll pram, not for me, a doll pram for my daughter. Saying that, I have adored looking and buying my little princess a doll pram, and shamefully she has more than one! Doll prams are just so gorgeous, they are just like my pram, or the pram I have always dreamed of, just smaller, a doll pram for a doll! (I just have to keep reminding myself it is a doll pram and not for a new baby!)I may be re living my childhood with my doll pram obsession, it’s simply the fact I can’t believe how fabulous a pram for a doll can be! Ok, the first one I bought was a beautiful wicker doll pram that not only is a stunning dolls pram but also looks beautiful in my daughter’s room filled with dolls. The second was a 3-wheeler doll pram, just like my pram, only pink! The third doll pram (now I’m starting to be embarrassed) was a stroller, again just like mine, only pink. And the fourth doll pram was bought by my mum (phew that’s a relief) and is a very groovy designer double doll pram.

doll pramsHaving so many doll prams has been a total saviour at my house. With four doll prams, it means no tantrums when friends, cousins, siblings, neighbors come over to play, there are enough doll prams to go around. Saying that, children always want to play with the same doll pram, but at least when there are a few doll prams to choose from, there is a guaranteed few hours of happiness!

Choosing a doll pram isn’t easy with so many wonderful choices, but first it should be down to budget, how much you want to spend on a doll pram. Second, the doll pram needs to be suitable to the age of the child, and third, the doll pram should be a pram you know your child will love and adore and will be sturdy enough to handle lots of teddies and toys and lots and lots of bumps!

Enjoy doll pram shopping, just writing about it has made me twitch with the need to shop for another doll pram, my daughters birthday is in September!!

Check out some great variety of doll prams available on the market. There is the right doll pram for your little girl out there.

Have you got a doll pram you love?

Claudia- Editor

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