Outlook Sleep Pod – Sweet Dreams!

June 2012

We love the new Outlook Sleep Pod, it truly is a parents dream for sleeping babies in prams. I’m obsessed with sleep, my babies sleeping, which of course leads to me getting some sleep! The Outlook Sleep Pod has been designed to help sleep obsessed parents like me, allow babies to sleep soundly and comfortably in their prams. I know first hand if my babies don’t get their sleeps during the day, night time is a total nightmare, sleep promotes sleep!

The Outlook Sleep Pod has a total blackout blind, lets air in, but keeps cold winds and strong sunlight out, perfect for nice long sleeps in the pram wherever you are. I used to try and hook blankets over my pram shade to try and block the light out when I was out and about, worrying if my baby would suffocate, or have the blanket constantly fall off, waking my baby up. The Outlook Sleep Pod is so clever as it snugly fits most prams and strollers, including front facing prams, rear facing prams and travel systems. The Outlook Sleep Pod has a totally breathable fabric blocking 94% of UVA and UVB rays, making it perfect for our Australian climate.

I love the central panel in the Outlook Sleep Pod as it gives such easy access to getting small babies in and out of the pram, especially if they have fallen asleep after a feed. I also love the fact it has mesh viewing screens so you can check on baby quickly and quietly without waking them up!

A great deal of research has gone into designing the Outlook Sleep Pod, which makes it so fabulous, it’s in line with latest SunSmart recommendations offering a careful balance between effective sun protection and the option for healthy, limited sun exposure to ensure your baby gets enough Vitamin D. The Outlook Sleep Pod can be used in so many ways for sleep and awake with the fold away blind and mesh, it’s so easy and simple, it’s a total pram essential for everybody!

Now you can have a baby that sleeps in your pram anywhere with the amazing Outlook Sleep Pod, at only $39.95 it’s sweet dreams for all the family!

Outlook Sleep Pod $39.95 www.outlooktm.com.au


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