New Phil & Ted’s Auto Stop Navigator

December 2013


Phil&Teds Navigator

Stop! Navigate and listen:

Two hands are better than one and three hands…still wouldn’t be enough when it comes to having young children. As a parent, the only thing you can be sure of is that your day is going to be full of surprises and even the most experienced of us can find ourselves in sticky (and stressful) situations!

Thankfully, phil&teds new navigator™ can help parents steer clear of those potentially heart-stopping moments. As the world’s first Auto Stop™ inline™ buggy it has a unique auto brake feature to help parents manage those unpredictable circumstances where two hands just won’t suffice!

As soon as you let go of the strollers handle, to wipe ice cream off your little-ones face or rummage through your handbag for your phone, the safety-brake wire is released bringing the stroller to a halt! The hands-free braking system provides peace of mind for parents and is incredibly convenient when it comes to looking (read: chasing) after more than one. As little ones grow, so too does their curiosity meaning, increased stops to examine EVERYTHING and auto stop™ means more time for exploration as you save time on locking and unlocking a manual brake.

Phil&Teds Navigator

The navigator™ is ideal for parents with more than one seat to fill, boasting “more positions than the Kama Sutra”. It has 26 possible seating configurations designed to seat up to two children comfortably and can accommodate two travel capsules, which can be moved seamlessly between the car and the stroller – a lifesaver for parents with twins!

Did we mention how the navigators™ ultra-light handling helps you ‘pop’ right over gutters and up stairs as if they didn’t exist?

This stroller also has plenty of other features that help make things easier day to day:


  • Fast fold & frame lock that can be done with one hand!
  • Parent facing double kit for face-to-face bonding with baby
  • Multi height adjustable handle with comfort foam grip (the auto-brake wire fits comfortably into the handle when held down)
  • Deeper & taller seat meaning extra room for your child’s growth and more years of use
  • Large storage tray and extra storage pouches (we all know you can never have too much storage space)
  • Sun shade for normal seating and double kit
  • Mix & Match colour options
  • Scooter that can be locked in or can be used to free ride by older children (fun and functional)
  • Lockable wheel for multi terrain strolling
  • Multiple seat positions from lie flat to fully upright
  • RRP $699

Ensuring baby’s safety is now ‘a walk in the park’ with the hands-free convenience of Auto Stop™ and anything that can help make each day just a little bit easier is okay with us!

Phil&Teds Navigator









If you haven’t watched it yet, see for yourself by clicking on the Auto Stop icon in the image above

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