BabyLove Snap N Go Travel System

July 2012

I love a handy travel system, the new BabyLove Snap N Go has won a place in my heart! The BabyLove Snap N Go, does exactly what the name suggests, it allows you to snap/click the baby carrier out of the car with one simple snap, and straight into the stroller without waking up baby – (so important for a mum like me who is obsessed with sleep!).
The BabyLove Snap N Go, is simple and easy to use, and what I love about it is it is really light, some travel systems can be heavy and quite cumbersome, this BabyLove travel system is super easy not just for me, but for my husband and parents, who don’t like anything that requires effort! (No offence guys!)
The BabyLove Snap N Go carrier is super snug and safe for a newborn, not only is it a good car seat, but it’s very handy for transporting baby, when you are out and about. The Snap N Go carrier allows your baby to stay asleep, or keeps them in a safe place if you have to pop into the bank, shops, drop offs and pick ups at kinder. What I love the most about this carrier, is it’s light and easy to use, being great for my back, arms and nerves!
The BabyLove Snap N Go stroller has a lovely lightweight aluminium frame, making it so easy to fold and throw in the boot of the car, or get up and down stairs or in and out of tight spaces (shopping aisles and cafes). It is super easy to fold, so if you’re juggling shopping bags and toddlers like me, you could fold it with one hand with your eyes closed at a push!
Love and recommend the BabyLove Snap N Go Travel System, it has been designed to make life simple and easy – what’s not to love about that!

BabyLove Snap N Go Carrier RRP $309 BabyLove Snap N Go Stroller $189


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