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Baby Pram shopping, there is nothing more fun, well definitely that’s the case with me and baby prams. My love of a baby pram started well before I was pregnant, actually long before that, I have loved baby prams since I was a little girl, yes I loved dolls and prams, but a real baby pram was what I dreamed of having. A beautiful baby pram can make me dribble with delight, seriously! I grew up in London, so as a little girl I use to watch Nannies in uniforms pushing big grand silver cross prams through Kensington Gardens, wanting the exact baby pram when I was older. As the years went on and we moved to Australia, my baby pram obsession remained, but my baby pram tastes changed with new technology, and with the introduction of new designer baby prams, I wanted more than one baby pram!

How excited was I when I found I was pregnant for the first time, of course with obvious joy of having a beautiful baby of my own, but so so excited about buying my first baby pram! Choosing my baby pram was the hard bit with so many choices, if only I had access to the amazing pram chooser on to help make it easier. I had a few favourite baby prams in mind, after seeing various baby prams out and about, or test driving a few friends baby prams. I just needed to shortlist what I really wanted in my dream baby pram, including a budget!

When buying a baby pram you will need to decide whether you want a traditional pram with a bassinette, or a stroller with a layback newborn option, or a pram with an infant carrier. There are many different baby prams to choose from that have many different options for a newborn baby, saying that there are also many prams that are not suitable for a baby especially a small one, they are usually a better pram for when they can sit up.

A great baby pram is one that caters for a newborn safely and comfortably, many prams offer a bassinette option that is great for a new baby, then once your baby can sit up properly and is more alert the bassinet can be swapped for the pram insert.

My top 5 Baby Prams:

  1. Silver Cross Sleepover Deluxe $999
  2. Mima Kobi $1199
  3. Joolz Day Pram $1299
  4. Icandy peach $1199 (with bassinet extra)
  5. Bugaboo Cameleon Complete Stroller $1399 (Bassinet extra)

Enjoy finding your dream baby pram! And don’t forget to use our fabulous pram chooser  it makes choosing your baby pram even more dreamy!

Claudia – Editor

One review for Baby Pram Shopping

  1. Lucy Grace says:

    I hope you opted for a beautiful pram in this picture to use for long walks and to use in the home, as well as opting for folding buggy to take in the car. In the UK retro is very fashionable now and traditional prams are sought after as young parents realise that they are best for baby.

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