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3 wheeler pram or 4 wheeler pram? This is one of the big pram questions when choosing a pram. There is a difference between 3 wheeler prams and 4 wheeler prams, but with so many prams to choose from, I thought I would help you decide whether a 3 wheeler pram is the right pram for you and your family.

3 wheeler prams were first designed for active parents, making the 3 wheeler pram ideal for jogging, or long walks with great suspension and sturdy big wheels that easily manouvered. The 3 wheeler pram was also designed so both parents, mums and dads felt comfortable pushing the pram, higher handles and sporty looking 3 wheeler prams were the pram of choice for many dads especially. 3 wheeler prams are still very popular, especially as across the years the 3 wheel pram designs have made the prams lighter and easier to manouver, still making them ideal for parents who want to run and exercise with their prams.iCandy Apple Jogger pram

My husband and I chose a 3 wheeler pram for our first pram, not because either of us jog, but I do like keeping fit walking and going to the gym, so I was keen to get out walking with my new baby, and the 3 wheeler pram had everything we were looking for. My 3 wheeler pram had good suspension and big sturdy wheels, it had a full recline layback seat and also came with a bassinet option. My 3 wheeler pram had a good shade, newborn paddings and inserts and came with all the bells and whistles. My 3 wheeler pram has survived my two children, including adding the toddler seat which was great. I could still easily push my 3 wheeler pram with my 4 year old and my 2 year old toddler in the pram, and a bike on top of it (when my 4 year old got tired 5 minutes into the walk!). My 3 wheeler pram has not only been fantastic for walking, but it has been great for many trips to the beach, the 3 wheel pram can easily be pulled through the sand. Overall my 3 wheeler pram is still being used and is in fantastic condition through many years of wear and tear.

Use our fabulous pram chooser to help you choose a 3 wheeler pram, it definitely makes deciding on a pram a little easier.

My top 5 –  3 wheeler prams:

  1. icandy Apple Jogger $ 899
  2. Mountain Buggy Urban Jungle $679
  3. Phil and Teds Classic $399
  4. Baby Jogger City Elite $849
  5. Adventure Buggy Everest $799

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Claudia – Editor

One review for 3 Wheeler Prams

  1. Penelope says:


    Which three wheeler pram did you have as i can’t find many with a toddler seat option.

    Regards Penelope

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